Selectively share your contact information with peers and businesses while both parties are updated on a real-time basis.

”Businesses, it's time to give your customer databases a thorough check and a viable way of increasing accuracy and declutter” - Stephanie Khoury, Co-Founder

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What is Pushdot?

a) Establishing a two-way communication channel will lead to understanding customer's purchasing behaviors.
b) Users are always updated with their favorite brand’s exciting offers and loyalty programs.

Every Contact Exchange Is Personalised

Select how much or how little you want to share. Customized digital business card with your online profiles.

Businesses Get More And Better Client Information

Using Pushdot API, companies will create new digital loyalty cards with higher registration conversion.

Personal Contact Exchange Happens At Location

iBeacon technology faciliates contact exchange. In addition, users can send email and SMS with contact information.

Contacts Are Updated Regularly

Users and companies will have up-to-date contact information from Pushdot synchronization system. Our integration with major CRMs also boosts customer retention.


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Very clean, minimal and easy to use interface.

  • Input Contact Information
    Phone numbers, email addresses, locations and social profile links may be shared via Pushdot.

  • Select Your Connection Level
    Select any combination of your networks by simply pushing their dots.

  • Share Your Info
    The dots you selected may be shared in-app with other Pushdot users, via email, or by SMS.

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